Daiwa REVLT1000-CP Revros LT 5.2 1 Gear Ratio Aluminum Spinning Freshwater Reel 
Daiwa RG100HS RG High Speed Low Profile Baitcast Reel RH - NEW
Daiwa RG 7.1 1 Right Hand Baitcasting Fishing Reel RG100HS New
Daiwa Rod BASS X 603 TLS F S from JAPAN
Daiwa Rod Hinata 9 Shage Japan New
Daiwa rod holder rod keeper F White
Daiwa Rod Land Surf T 25 No. -425 J New
Daiwa Rod Liberty Club Surf T15-360 · K F S from JAPAN
Daiwa Rod Sea Power 73 50-210 F S from JAPAN
DAIWA RYOGA 1016 Right handed Bait casting Reel from Japan USED F130-1
Daiwa SABAYJ4000 Saltiga Bay Jigging JDM Reel
DAIWA SALTIGA 12 BRAID 300m Super Braided Line Select LB
Daiwa SALTIGA 3500H MAG SEALED Spinning Reel From Japan
Daiwa SALTIGA 6500H MAG SEALED Spinning Reel From Japan
Daiwa SALTIGA BJ 3500H Spinning Reel
Daiwa Saltiga Conventional Star Drag Reel Brand New 'Choose Model You Want'
Daiwa Saltiga Lever Drag Conventional Right Hand Saltwater Reel - SALD30-2SPD
Daiwa SALTIGA-Z 30-L Left Baitcasting Reel for Jigging Slow Jigging
Daiwa Saltist Hyper speed 30, 7.3 1, (STT30HSH) - Brand New
Daiwa Saltist Travel Spin Rod Sea Rods All Sizes Full Range Sea Fishing
Daiwa SASD10 Saltiga Star Drag Conventional Reel
Daiwa SEABORG 1000 MT Mega Twin Big Game Electric Reel Fishing Excellent+
Daiwa Seaborg 300MJ Power Assist Reels Right Handle 2016 Model FREEshipWorldwide
Daiwa Seaborg Bull 1000 64KG Big Game Electric Reel
Daiwa Seahunter Z Surf 14' Rod
Daiwa Sealine SG-3B Line Counter Reel 3BB 14lb 300yd 4.2 1
Daiwa Sealine X Treme 2,35m 30-50Ibs
Daiwa shimano electric fishing reel replacement battery 6000mAH
Daiwa Slpw 16 RCS 3500 Spool Fishing REEL From JAPAN
Daiwa SLP Works nut Bait Reel for long fore nut bluee A017
Friday, August 30, 2019

Can't Find the Words

Daiwa SLPW Power Code 500 Electric Reel Cable 5m It is becoming increasingly hard to write anything as the current administration continues (and accelerates?) its destructive ways. It's...
Thursday, August 29, 2019

Court Boundaries

Daiwa smelt electric reel Christi A smelt CR-PT II Purple move Japan Import
Here's a fact I didn't know, and unless you're an appellate attorney, you probably didn't know either. This is the boundary ...
Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Story of My Life

Daiwa Spinning Fishing Reel 16 TRISO 2500H-LBD from japan【Brand New in Box 】 ›
Daiwa Spinning More Than Wisemen AGS 90L Fishing Pole From Japan
I know it's not just me, but still, when I saw this F Minus cartoon in the past few days, I felt a little surprised that I'm not the...
Daiwa Spinning Reel 15 LUVIAS 3012H (3000 Size) For Fishing From Japan
Daiwa Spinning Reel 15 SALTIGA 4500H For Fishing From Japan Tuesday, August 27, 2019
Daiwa Spinning Reel 16 Blast 4500 For Fishing From Japan

Medgar Evers

This story is by Steven Pokin, who a white boomer guy who writes a column for the Springfield, Missouri, newspaper. He wrote it as a Faceboo...
Daiwa Spinning Reel 16 Crest 2506H (2500 Size) For Fishing From Japan Monday, August 26, 2019
Daiwa Spinning Reel 16 JOINUS with Nylon Fishing Line 3000 New from Japan

Not Politics at the 2019 Fair

Daiwa Spinning Reel 17 EXCELER 2500
Following up from yesterday's post about politics at the 2019 Minnesota State Fair , today it's just the nonpolitical goodness. Bu...
Sunday, August 25, 2019
Daiwa spinning reel 17 Theory 2510PE-H (2500 size) Japan Import

Politics at the 2019 Fair

Daiwa Spinning Reel 18 FREAMS LT4000D-C FREE SHIPPING ›
Yes, it's that time of year once again: the Minnesota State Fair. I headed over today, which is earlier than I usually manage it. I thou...
Daiwa Spinning Reel Eging 18 EMERALDAS AIR LT3000S-CXH-DH from japan【New in Box】
    Daiwa Spinning Regal 2-53 Fishing Pole From Japan
    Daiwa Spinnrute - Powermesh 2,40m 7-28g 2 Teile
    Saturday, August 24, 2019
    Daiwa SS SV 103-SHL Baitcasting Reel NEW

    Worse than Killer Hay Bales

    Daiwa STEEZ LTD SV 103H-TN Bait Casting reel Right Handed Used from Japan
    Daiwa SUNDOWNER COMPETITION 35-390S 12'7 surf fishing spinning rod from JAPAN
    I keep thinking about this recent article from the Star Tribune : The gist of the story is that a motorcyclist died because he hit a hay ...
    Friday, August 23, 2019
    Daiwa Sweepfire Ultra Light Spin 1,50m - 2,10m 2-section Spinning Canne

    Deep Breaths

    In our present context of the world literally on fire in multiple places, I'm deep-breathing these words from the always-inspiring Maria...
    Daiwa Tanacom SS-35 Big game Electric Reel SS 35 Good Wednesday, August 21, 2019
    Daiwa Tatula 150 Casting Reel 5.4 1 RH Daiwa Regal Plus 4500 Bri
    Daiwa Tatula LT Zaion Body 6.2 1 Ambidextrous Spin Reel 6.3oz TALT3000-CXH Tuesday, August 20, 2019
    Daiwa Td-Z 105 Hl Gripping Left First Of All

    Old Sheet Music, Part 2

    Among the beautiful lettering and illustration of the 100-year-old sheet music we recently unearthed in our basement, there were a number o...
    Daiwa Tournament 8 Braid Evo 300m Dark Green braided line
    Daiwa Tournament Pro Float Rods
    Daiwa TRISO 3000H-LBD Lever-break Reel Fishing Japan New
    DAM HYDROFORCE NEOPREN-WATHOSE Gr. 44 45 Filzsohle Wat Hose